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These are seminars and workshops I am currently teaching.
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Seminars (1/2 Day)

Tablet Weaving: Not just for squares

If you are interested in tablet/card weaving, and you want to move beyond square cards with four holes, this is the seminar for you. We will look at weaving with 3-hole, 6-hole, and yes even 8-hole cards. How do common techniques change when you change the number of holes? How does the band physically change? All of these questions and more will be answered. Lecture.

Tablet Weaving: Shuffle those cards

There are several things that make tablet weaving unique, but one thing that we will explore in this seminar is the flexibility of moving our heddles (aka cards). With this technique you will never have to sew button holes. Endless new pattern variations will also be revealed. Come see how one band can become many. Lots of samples, lots of discussion. Lecture

Tablet Weaving: The quest for the perfect tablet weaving loom

Although tablet weaving is technically a loom-less weaving technique, this is a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of various ways to anchor the warp and cards. We will talk about warping on an inkle loom, portable studio looms, and other tensioning techniques to solve issues unique to tablet weaving like uneven take up of threads and removing twist. This is suitable for all levels of tablet weavers, but a basic understanding of tablet weaving is recommended.

Tablet Weaving: Exploring hidden drafty depths

You have spent the time creating the perfect design draft, and you have woven enough band for your project but still have warp left. What else can you weave? Tons!! We will explore all of the alternate designs hidden within a single card weaving draft. Lecture.

Tablet Weaving: Software design techniques

Explore the options for tablet weaving design software. How do they work, and how easy are they to use? Design a band ready to weave in just minutes, and see how it will look before you spend that time warping. Lecture.

Tablet Weaving: Translating the lingo

It often seems that card weavers are speaking a different language. Instead of huck lace we have Ram's Horn, instead of undulating twills we have Kivrim and Birka. Come see all of the different tablet weaving techniques, where they came from and what they mean.

What to do with all of these bands?

This is a fun look at what to do with all of the tablet and inkle woven bands you have been weaving. We will explore findings and fittings for belts and straps and brainstorm on creative uses of woven bands. Many examples will be available. Students are encouraged to bring their own woven bands.

Pin Loom Cozies

Learn how to weave on pin looms such as the Weave-it, or Weavette. Create a cozy for your cell phone or ipod while learning joining and construction techniques for these addictive little handheld looms. Looms will be provided.

Workshops 1-day

Tablet Weaving: Threaded-in designs

You will learn the basics of tablet weaving by weaving a friendship bracelet. We will start with a discussion on how to read and design tablet weaving drafts. Then we will proceed to setting up the cards, weaving the band, and end with a discussion of finishing techniques. Along the way, we will focus on avoiding common pitfalls and sharing tips and tricks for weaving perfect bands. For those interested in learning how to tablet weave.

Tablet Weaving: Two-sided delights

In this workshop we will learn how to design and weave double faced patterns. This technique is easy to warp and allows for woven figures and lettering. No previous tablet weaving experience necessary, but concentration is required.

Tablet Weaving: Double-card double-turn diagonals

Also called "Egyptian" Diagonals, this workshop will focus on weaving diagonal patterns with tablets. We will use the circular warp setup, and learn how to use two packs to create interesting diagonal designs. Patterns will be provided, but individual exploration will be encouraged. No previous tablet weaving experience required.

Tablet Weaving: 3/1 Twill

Yes Virginia, there is twill in tablet weaving. Learn a double-faced weaving technique that also produces beautiful twill lines in your bands. Learn a quick circular warping technique and then how to weave and design 3/1 twill patterns. No previous tablet weaving experience necessary, but concentration is required.

Tablet Weaving: Ram's Horn and its relatives

Ram's Horn is a popular beginner's pattern that has lots of variations within. Learn how to read a draft, setup the cards, and weave this beautiful pattern. With a few changes to turning, learn several of the variations to the Ram's Horn pattern like Ivy and Running Dog. No previous tablet weaving experience required.

Workshops Multi-day

Tablet Weaving Basics and Beyond

This will be an in-depth review of how to weave with tablets or cards. On day one we will start with a basic history, and then cover drafting and designing threaded-in designs, setup, and basic weaving and finishing techniques. On day two we will learn the circular warp setup, discuss weaving with individual cards in packs, and learn about double-turn double-card diagonals. A deeper look at the mechanics of tablet weaving will be discussed. On day three we will explore double faced weaving and 3/1 broken twill weaving techniques. This workshop is good for those looking for an in-depth look at basic and intermediate tablet weaving techniques and mechanics. No tablet weaving experience required, but this is a great workshop for those with experience who want to look deeper into this art.

Tablet Weaving Variations

Pick any two 1-day workshops for 2-3 days of intensive study

Tablet Weaving Start to Finish:

This is a project-oriented workshop. We will start by creating an original tablet woven design, threading the cards, and weaving a single project to completion. Tips and tricks will be offered throughout, as well as discussions on good weaving habits. We will explore finishing techniques and turning a woven band into a useful item using minimal sewing skills. This workshop is good for those less interested in the theory of tablet weaving and more interested in project-oriented instruction. No tablet weaving experience required.

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