Seminars and Workshops

Seminars (Half-Day)

Pocket Weaving

Learn how to weave on pin looms such as the Zoom Loom, Weave-it, or Weavette. Create a cozy for your cell phone or ipod while learning joining and construction techniques for these addictive little handheld looms. Looms will be provided.

Woven Silk Flora

Weave a veritable bouquet of silk blooms to accent your next bag or scarf. Who knew woven squares on pin looms could produce such floral beauty? We’ll be using silk hankies to produce beautiful flowers woven on pin looms such as the Zoom Loom, Weave-it or Weavette. Looms will be provided.

Ply-Splitting: Braid a Scarf

Literally what it sounds like, learn to split the plies of commercial 2-ply or 4-ply yarn to create a colorful braided scarf.  Using a grip-fid and commercial yarn, start on a scarf while learning the basics of ply-split braiding.  The interaction between the yarn colors as one yarn splits another is a fascinating and fun effect.


Tablet Weaving: All Warped Up ***New Offering

There are almost as many ways to warp cards as there are card weavers.  Learn two different warping techniques and why you might use each one, or even both of them together!  We’ll learn the single-card tie on, and the circular warp and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  We’ll also discuss all of the other warping methods such as backstrap, or warp weighted.



Workshops (Full Day)

Tablet Weaving: Threaded-in designs

Learn the basics of tablet weaving by weaving a friendship bracelet. We will start with a discussion on how to read tablet weaving drafts. Then we will proceed to setting up the cards, weaving the band, and end with a discussion of finishing techniques. Along the way, we will focus on avoiding common pitfalls and sharing tips and tricks for weaving perfect bands. For those interested in learning how to tablet weave.

Tablet Weaving: Two-sided delights

In this workshop we will learn how to design and weave double faced patterns. This technique is easy to warp and allows for woven figures and lettering. No previous tablet weaving experience necessary, but concentration is required.

Tablet Weaving: Double-card double-turn diagonals

Also called “Egyptian” Diagonals, this workshop will focus on weaving diagonal patterns with tablets. We will use the circular warp setup, and learn how to use two packs to create interesting diagonal designs. Patterns will be provided, but individual exploration will be encouraged. No previous tablet weaving experience required.

Tablet Weaving: 3/1 Twill

Yes Virginia, there is twill in tablet weaving. Learn a double-faced weaving technique that also produces beautiful twill lines in your bands. Learn a quick circular warping technique and then how to weave and design 3/1 twill patterns. No previous tablet weaving experience necessary, but concentration is required.

Tablet Weaving: Ram’s Horn and its relatives

Ram’s Horn is a popular beginner’s pattern that has lots of variations within. Learn how to read a draft, setup the cards, and weave this beautiful pattern. With a few changes to turning, learn several of the variations to the Ram’s Horn pattern like Ivy and Running Dog. No previous tablet weaving experience required.

Tablet Weaving: Coptic Diamonds (4×4 tablet weaving)

Coptic Diamonds were woven by Egyptians over 1000 years ago. Coptic bands with distinctive diamond patterns were discovered and examined, and now we have these patterns we can draw inspiration from. Learn how to weave this distinctive pattern, and create your own new patterns.

Tablet Weaving: Woven Shoe Laces

Weave your own shoe laces!  Using a weaving technique called tablet weaving, and literally using cards as your loom, learn how to weave laces out of crochet cotton.  Your fly shoes will only get flyer with laces you’ve woven for them.

Tablet Weaving: 6-Hole Weaving ***New Offering

You’ve tried 4-hole cards, but what happens when we move to 6-hole cards? Explore tablet weaving with 6-hole hexagonal cards to produce complex color patterns!  We’ll explore the differences between 4-hole and 6-hole cards while warping and weaving threaded-in patterns for 6-holes.

Tablet Weaving: Anglo-Saxon ***New Offering

Come learn one of the oldest tablet weaving techniques.  Bands found during the 5th and 6th centuries were woven using a very specific and different tablet weaving technique.    Although similar to threaded-in patterns in setup, the weaving for these bands produces a thicker, stronger, reversible band that is perfect for bag straps or belts.


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