Claudia’s New Book

I have Claudia Wollny’s and Ute Bargmann’s new brocade book in my shop now. roslein und wecklein (Little Rose and Little Leaf)

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that her book Tablets at Work is currently out of print.  But more good news, Claudia is working on getting an updated version printed.  So as soon as she has more to sell, I’ll have them in my shop.

Cheers! John

More on the way

Claudia is sending me more books. They should be here by the beginning of August. I’ll be at Convergence until 7/15, so any orders made will not be delivered until then.


Tablets At Work

I’m currently out of Cluadia’s book “Tablets At Work”. They went fast! But she is sending me a new batch that should be here in two weeks or so. Thank you for your patience.

Traveling again

The shop is on hold as I’ve got two great shows in a row.  Ply Away in KC, and the DFW Fiber Festival in Dallas.

You can still order, but you have to enter the password SlowOrder (click “Enter Using Password” at top right).  If you do, you acknowledge that your shipment won’t be shipped until after my return on 4/12.

See you all at the conferences!

Kivrim Book Update

One of my ambitious students discovered a small error in the Kivrim booklet.  The online version has been updated, so if you’ve purchased that recently, you can download the updated version now.

The errata is for page 28, pattern 5a.  The turning instructions for that pattern should look like this…

Of note, the special turning cards as listed in the incorrect pattern are 21-22, but they should be 20-21.  Thank you to Beth for finding this for me.